Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome Fellow Mini Bikers

Welcome to Vermont Mini Bike Enthusiast. This blog site was created by 3 brothers who have just discovered the exciting world of old school mini bikes. And as the newbies to this really cool activity, we figured the best way to learn more and enjoy it to its fullest is to invite all of you to join us by taking part in this new venue for mini bike enthusiasts. It is our intention to create a place to share knowledge of mini bikes, ideas, stories, photos, parts & pieces, and general information.
In the future, it is our hope to provide info of events and gatherings such as fun rides, rallys, timed events, etc.
Although this blog site is still in its early stages, feel free to contribute your comments. All are welcome!

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  1. I'm the 4th of 6 brothers from Burlington, will be 59 this summer of 2010. I never would have had a mini bike if not for my brothers, that also goes for the many deer (beer) camp seasons, the card games and other gatherings of the ODT, and learning about life and myself in general.
    After Jeff and Ron got their bikes, they said I needed one, and Jeff got me one, Ron took it apart and painted it, and had some things fixed along the way. The many Merfect Mini shop sessions we've already had are golden.
    My bike has been named "Hillary", because it had a gem of a Clinton engine on it at first, real kick-ass! It has been replaced with the same 5.5hp engine that's on Ron & Jeff's bikes, works great. Thanks to Ron, Jeff & the other M/M guys, I'll end up with a sweet ride. - I did, and it is!